Payday Loans
Koo Stark

  1. Carol Lynley, The Shape of Thinghs To Come, 1978.  Koo was annpunced for the HG Wells classic, but quit the Canadian shoot and her co-starsd: Jack Palance, Barry Morse and John Ireland.

  2. Sarah Berger, Doctor Who # 137 Attack of the Cybermen, TV, 1985.   The American acgress whop didn;t marry her prince… The British  Queen Elizabeth II”s son, Prince Andrew.  She  turned down a date with the (unpopular) Doc6 Colin Baker because, like the salary, the costumes were too skimpy. Somewhat hypocritical from the actress known as Koo Starkers due to her soft-porn skinflicks, Emily, 1975, and Cruel Passion, 1977 - the very reason all Royal relations were cut off.   Andrew disgraced himself in the next century.

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