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Britt Lomond (1925-2006)

  1. Guy Williams, Zorro, TV, 1957-1961.      Because it was for Walt Disney, who had just made a star out of Fess Parker as Davy Crockett, the first casting call in March 1957, was answered by 130 Zorro wannabes! Including many of Hispanic parentage. The Scots-Irish Lomond was so great with a sword, he tested for the top two roles. Uncle Walt insisted all the final testees had real moustaches (like his!). Britt lost Zorro and became his nemesis, Captain Enrique Sanchez Monastario, Commandante of the Pueblo de Los Angeles. Diane Lomond said her husband and Williams were best suited to the roles they played. Lomond had previously doubled Mel Ferrer in the 1951 classic Scaramouche duel with Stewart Granger.

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* Missing the mark… of Zorro.  Guy Williams (in his Walt Disneyesque moustache) won the 50s’ TV series. Britt Lomond  did not – but became  our hero’s foe in the first 13 episodes.  [© Walt Disney Productions, 1957]

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