Payday Loans
Janet Blair (1921-2007)

  1. Marjorie Reynolds, Holiday Inn, 1941.     According to the Paramount Collection at the AMPAS Library, Blair, MacDonald Carey (listed as Donald Carey), René DeMarco and Richard Denning were tested for the roles that went, with a bigger budget, to Reynolds, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Walter Abel. Reynolds’ numbers were sung by Martha Mears.
  2. Leslie Brooks, Cover Girl, 1943.      In July 1942, Columbia’s vulgarian czar, Harry Cohn, was going to risk everything by featuring Blair and her #1  Columbia rival.  Rita Hayworth, on the same set!   Finally, he saw sense and Rita’s star was born.
  3. Vivian Blaine, State Fair, 1944.     She tested for Rodgers and Hammerstein musical as band singer Emily Edwards - originally aimed at Alice Faye, who then quit movies for 17 years before coming back in the 1962 re-make as… Emily’s mother! Emily was Ann-Margret!
  4. Jane Wyman, Magic Town, 1946.     After making Gallant Journey together the previous year, Blair was director William Wellman’s first choice for Mary Pete  rman - living in the town that opinion-pollster James Stewart says is the perfect  mirror-image of mid-American values. Wild Bill finally borrowed Wyman from Warner when  his next choice, Lotetta Young, fell ill. If ever a film needed Frank Capra...
  5. Eva Gabor, Green Acres, TV, 1965-1971.     Blair and Marsha Hunt were also in the mix for the wife of the the townie lawyer running a farm in... Hooterville!  After 170 episodes, the sitcom was axed during the 1971 “rural purge” when, it was said CBS killed every show with a tree in it.

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