Payday Loans
Margo Lion

  1. Madeleine Cheminat, Tout feu, tout flamme (All Fired Up), France, 1981.    Not easy finding Isabelle Adjani’s  grandmother, who is also Yves Montand’s mother.   With help from Jean-Claude Brialy and Marlene Dietrich’s pal, Sacha Briquet, Euro casting icon Dominique Besnehard met such old lady actresses as Janine Crispin, Danielle Darrieux, Madeleine Ozeray, Jane Crispin. And Margo, a Franco-German lesbian  chanteuese of the  Berlin and Paris ’30s. He  found her home full of photos of Dietrich - “the greatest love of my life.” Meeting the mall was, said Besnehard, like  being dropped into a live history of cinema.

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