Payday Loans
Jimmy Durante (1893-1980)

  1. Spencer Tracy, Test Pilot, 1937. At first, Clark Gable’s cocky pilot, was due to be opposite Durante…  in such a “castastrostroke” role, that MGM didn’t even know his name.  Critcis referred to him as Gunner Sloan while Gable called him Gunner Morse. What Tracy called him remains unprintable.  (Jimmy was known as Schnoz or Schnozzle due to his huge hooter). 
  2. Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson, Brewster’s Millions, 1944. US radio star Garry Moore failed to make the cut anfd Durante who often worked with him, disappeared, as well. Another radio star, Jack Benny’s man, Rochester, filled in and got clobbered for it in in Memphis, where he was judged to have "too familiar a way about him." And, indeed, the mild comedy dispklayed “too much social equality and racial mixture for Southern audiences [which could] encourage racial problems.” (Honestly). The Schnoz was  various  stars  - Ernest Borgnine, Akim Tamiroff, Jack Palance, Fernandel and Melina Mercouri – in  VIttorio De Sica’s Italian film,  Il giudizio universale (US The Last Judgment), 1961., Durant was typecast as The man with the large nose.  

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