Payday Loans
Leonard Whiting

  1. Michael York, Cabaret, 1971.      To accommodate Liza Minnelli, Sally Bowles was changed from Brit to Yank in the Bob Fosse musical - and so vice-versa for her pal, Brian Roberts (aka author Christopher Isherwood, called Clifford Bradshaw on stage). About 20 Brits were seen for Brian including Curry, Timothy Dalton, David Hemmings, Jeremy Irons, Malcolm McDowell, John McEnery, Paul Nicholas, Bruce Robinson… and Franco Zeffirelli’s  1967 Romeo: Leonard Whiting. Plus John Rubinstein was the sole American, when it looked as if York could not  get free in time and Brian would be American, after all. 
  2. Michael York, The Three Musketeers, 1973.       During the very early months, young Romeo was #1 choice for young D’Artagnan in director Richard Lester’s rollicking salute to Alexandre Dumas’ swordsmen. Full of rapier wit for rapier heroes.   Orginally intended for The Beatles. Of course, of course! With Paul as the newest recruit of The Musketeers of the Guard, circa 1625-1628. Of course, of course!

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