Payday Loans
Annette Stroyberg (1936-2005)

  1. Jean Seberg, A bout de souffle/Breathless, France, 1960.    Brigitte Bardot’s successor as Mme Roger Vadim was making a 1959 debut in his updated Les liaisons dangereuses, when he was visited by "a young man with a stammer, shy and, at the same time, sure of himself... He was going to make his first full-length film and wanted Annette to act in  it... He left me the screenplay - one and a half erasure-covered pages, which I read carefully without understanding a word. This strange young man had impressed me and I trusted him, instinctively. I advised Annette to accept his offer. She refused. A pity and her loss. The strange young man was called Jean-Luc Godard and his film was Breathless."
  2. Gia Scala, The Guns of Navarone,  1961.     She met with exiled US writer-producer Carl Foreman in London.  Everyone was interested in the second Mme Vadim. Until seeing her in films made by M Vadim.
  3. Michèle Mercier, Angélique, marquise des anges,  France, 1964.     At first, Paris producteur Francis Cosne  could only think of Vadim's women: Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Jane Fonda, Annette Strøyberg.  Oh, plus Claudia Cardinale, Monica Vitti and Marina Vlady.  Oh, plus Claudia Cardinale, Monica Vitti and Marina Vlady. Actually, it’s quite pleasurable to think of Vadim’s women… 

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