Payday Loans
Darby Jones (1910-1986)

  1. Everett Brown, Tarzan Escapes, 1935.       A change of Bomba for the loin-clothed caper. During his 35 film career, the Texan Brown made four Tarzan movies with three different ape-men: Lex Barker, Buster Crabbe, Johnny Weissmuller (this being the first of two).
  2. Nicodemus Stewart, Colonel Effingham’s Raid, 1945.      Charles Coburn stole the whole show as the US Colonel Blimp - tackling his crooked City Hall. So few fretted about one African-American replacing another as “Ninety-Eight.” Except, of course, Jones and Stewart. The ex-vaudevillian Stewart was billed as either Nick O’Demus or Nick Stewart after 1946; his 56 movies included just the one Tarzan… with Gordon Scott.

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