Payday Loans
Dan Dailey (1914-1978)

  1. Gene Kelly, For Me and My Gal, 1941.   Dailey and Eleanor Parker were dropped during rehearsals and rapdily replaced as Harry and Jo  by Kelly and Judy Garland.  She  loved his his Pal Joey on Broadway and insisted on  him making his screen debut as  her co-star - in  he first of three musicals  as co-stars.
  2. William Lundigan, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, 1951.  The Fox plan was Dailey and June Haver in a lame musical that was shel ed until March 1953!  Haver quit and was suspended. Dailey simply went on holiday. For three months.
  3. George O’Hanlon, Park Row, 1952.    Tough guy auteur Samuel Fuller financed his cut-price gift to American journalism. The Press loved it but Darryl Zanuck was right. To win the the public Sam needed stars. For example,Dailey as the Brooklyn Bridge jumper and Mitzi Gaynor as a barmaid. “Hell,” growled Sam, who invariably growled in CAPITALS, “that’s a MUSICAL!” Exactly what Zanuck was thinking. Which is how come Sammy paid all AND LOST IT ALL - $200,000.
  4. Dick Powell, Susan Slept Here, 1953.    First choice Dailey was followed by  Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum until Hollywood screenwriter Mark Christopher became Powell’s 58th and final movie role before TV producing and film directing.  Debbie Reynolds was Susan and the US Catholic Legion of Decency (!) hated the title…but not by  George Washington Slept Here in  1942.
  5. Ray Walston, Kiss Them For Me, 1956.  At one time,  Dailey was due to join Cary Grant and Larry Blyden as three heroic Navy fliers on a four-day leave in a luxury San Francisco hotel. None of it was as good as that sounds. Director Stanley Donen hated the script. “Burt you don’t turn down Cary Grant. ”  (Their next three, Charade included,  were far better).
  6. Gene Wilder, Blazing Saddles, 1973.  The Western send-up’s creator  and star Mel Brooks wanted  an aged Waco Kid, by a now drunken gunfighter, having killed more men than Cecil B DeMille.  Brooks tried Dailey: his health and eyesight were not good enough. Brooks even offered The Kid to…  John Wayne.  Who (pause) hadn’t been called Kid (pause) since (pause) Stagecoach in 1938.


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