Payday Loans
Richard White

  1. David Ogden Stiers, Pocahontas, 1994.     White was rejected for voicing Governor Ratcliffe as Disney suits (never understanding that actors can change voices) felt his distinctive tones (he’s a Brian Blessed style boomer) would remind people of his Gaston in the Beauty and the Beast toon four years previously. Oh really?  Like when did you last hear a pal say: No, no, no, didn’t enjoy the film at all, too busy trying to work out where I’d heard the Gvernor's voice before…. Also considered were the UK’s Blessed, Brian Cox, Rupert Everett, Stephen Fry, Patrick Stewart. DOS gave good value. He also voiced his own manservant, Wiggins. Er, that kinda proves that an actor can change voices, wouldn’t you say…

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