Payday Loans
Robert Bray

  1. Ray Walston, South Pacific, 1957.     The guy from Kalispell, Montana, was viewed as a new Gary Cooper by RKO - which did little about making that happen. He was succesion of he-men and really scored as Carl, the bus driver, in Marilyn’s Bus Stop, 1956 - so much so that his director, Joshua Logan, offered him Hawaii and wheeler-dealer Luther Billis in his next movie. No, he was happpy with hiu simple programmers at Allied Artists. “Had I appeared in the smash hit South Pacific who knows where I might have ended up.”
  2. Jack De Mave, US Forest Service, TV, 1968-1970. Well, where he ended up was as Forest Ranger Corey Stuart. With Lassie as his co-star! He lasted four seasons until the booze proved a problem. And he was let go, nicely with the studio saying he had tired of the role. He never acted again. Becoming an ardent fly fisherman, hunter and… by all account, a carver of model ducks.

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