Payday Loans
Elana Eden

  1. Millie Perkins, The Diary of Anne Frank, 1958.  Israeli  actress Elana Cooper (re-named by Fox)  was among the five finalists for Anne. Perkins won the role. The next year, Eden beat Perkins  and 27 others to The Story of Ruth. (Chosen, apparently, on the strength of her Anne Frank test). After Ruth, she only made one other film, an Israeii-West German spy number, Einer spielt falsch/Mivtza Kahir (Cairo Campaign), with Audie Murphy (co-directed by the dreaded Menahem Golan!).  She was then billed as Illana Foch. Her three other credits were guest-shots in US series. The ex-Israeli Army machiguinner then quit acting.  “I’m not interested in Hollywood minks and shminks.”

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