Jack Carson


  1. Zachary Scott, Mildred Pierce, 1944.     Carson was seen for the opening murder victim, Mildred’s second husband, lounge lizard Monte Beragon, muttering “Mildred” as he dies… Instead, director Michael Curtiz gave Carson another slimeball, real estate agent Wally Fay in Joan Crawford’s soapy comeback – a classic film noir .  
  2. Robert Alda, The Man I Love, 1945.    Titles changed (Night Shift, Why Was I Born?), directors changed (Lloyd Bacon to Raoul Walsh), even the release dates (from ’46 to ’47), plus the stars (Humphrey Bogart and Ann Sheridan to Robert Alda and Ida Lupino), so why not the support troops… Even then, it was not released until 1947.
  3. Robert Montgomery, June Bride, 1948.  Bette Davis was furious. (Of course, she as, she was making  a comedy, not her strongest forté). She wanted Jack Carson or Dennis Morgan as her fellow journalists.  The suits wanted Fred Astaire (she would have ate him up and spat him out). Finally, “JL” (head bro Jack Warner) borrowed MGM’s Robert Montgomery . Because he was big at the box-office.  As Bette used to be…. She now needed shoring up And frankly, JL didn’t know what to do with her anymore.
  4. William Bendix, The Babe Ruth Story, 1948.  “The laugh-by-laugh, tear-by-tear, cheer-by-cheer story of America’s most beloved guy…” When it came to biopic the famed baseball star (22 Major League Baseball seasons with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees), George Herman Ruth (1895 -1948) was too ill to play himself.  Rather than risk a newcomer, producer-director Roy Del Ruth checked real – and fat actors. From Jack Carson (Warnert Bros  would not loan him),  Paul Douglas and Dennis Morgan to…  Orson Welles!!! (Can’t imagine Welles hitting home runs?). Babe however, also aka The Bambino and The Sultan of Swat, chose Bendix. He owed him!  As a kid in the 20s, Bendix was a Yankee Stadium bat boy and got   what The Babe wanted before one game – 15 hot dogs and sodas. Naturally, he was then in no condition to play ball. The Yankees lost. And Bendix was fired!  Ruth died 21 days after attending the July 26th, 1948 premiere. Bendix didn’t resemble him until wearing a new nose.  (How Welles would have loved that).

 Birth year: 1910Death year: 1963Other name: Casting Calls:  4