Jacqueline Parent

  1. Dominique Laffin, La femme qui pleure (US: The Crying Woman), France, 1978.     Which  came first, scenario or the reality…  Yet another  French film  about the  breakdown of a couple  – being, of course,  the auteur Jacques Doillon and his editor, Noëlle Boisson (parents of Lola,  the 2006 director of  Et toi, t’es sur qui?) Among his earliest casting  work, Dominique Besnheard met all, the bright young things of the hour: Anicée Alvina (from Alain Robbe-Grillet’s erotics), ex-child star Brigitte Fossey, future documentary producer Jacqueline Parent, and two others who became directors: Nicole Garcia and Brigitte Röuan.  Doillon played himself (obviously!) opposite  the lovely Laffin… who died far too young, after 19 films, in 1985.  Officially,  a heart attack (at 33?), although her daughter, French Communist politician Clementine Autain, confirmed  it was suicide. 

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