Jean Carmet

  1. Michel Serrrault, Le Bonheur est dans le pré, France, 1995. Scenarist Florence Quentin wrote the film for Carmet – and immediately his copain Gérard Depardieu wanted in.  Then, Carmet died.
  2. Michel Serrrault, Pile ou face (Head or Tails), France, 1980.  Producteur Norbert Saada was musing on Lino Ventura and Carmet as the cop and suspected killer. For different producers, they became Philippe Noiret and Michel Serrault – no match for Ventura and Serrault in much the same roles in Claude Miller’s tighter Garde à vue (US: The Grilling), the following year.

 Birth year: 1921Death year: 1994Other name: Casting Calls:  2