Jean-Claude Drouot

  1. Victor Lanoux, La vieille dame indigne (The Shameless Old Lady), France, 1964.     For his first (and best) feature, réalisateur René Allio tested such young blades as Drouot (a hot TV star) and rocker Johnny Hallyday for Pierre. Either one (Lanoux, not so much) would have  taken considerable shine off the titular, octogenarian actress Sylvie – in her first lead role after a lifetime of  character studies starting in  1912.
  2. Jacques Dacqmine,   Germinal, France, 1992.   Realisateur Claude Berri did not have much luck choosing his bourgeois. The first Hennebau was considered trop beau – too handsome – and the first Madame Hennebau split as well, Carole Bouquet.


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