Jean-Marc Bory

  1. Sami Frey, La Vérité/The Truth, France, 1960. Most famous of the young Paris actors testing with Brigitte Bardot for her comeback after the birth of her son, Nicolas.  In bed and bath, Bory and Jeanne Moreau had been Louis Malle’s Les Amants,  1958.  “A boring man,” said Moreau. Not so Frey, on and  off-screen with Brigitte.


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* Ten days after the birth of her only child in  January 11, 1960, Brigitte Bardot was back at work – testing about a  dozen possible  co-stars for what proved her favourite film, La vérité/The Truth. She wanted ex-lover Jean-Louis Trintignant (a ski-ing victim). Jean-Paul Belmondo wanted out. “Dying with fatigue,” said their realisateur Henri-Georges Clouzot. “she would still get up once more to do her testing whenever I called – she loved to excite men.”  Like Hugues Aufray, Charles Belmont, Gérard Blain, Jean-Marc Bory (above), Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu, Marc Michel and two of her future co-stars,  Jean-Pierre Cassel and Laurent Terzieff.  Sami Frey got the film. And the girl!

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