Jean Marsh

  1. John Carson, Doctor Who #124: Snakedance, TV, 1982.      Also up for the archaeologist Ambril opposite Doc5 Peter Davidson on Manussa, were many of the usual ‘80s crowd… TPM, Joss Ackland, Geoffrey Bayldon, Frank Finlay, Richard Johnson, Dinsdale Landen, William Lucas and Clifford Rose.
  2. Polly James, Doctor Who #131: The Awakening, TV, 1984.       Imagine Glenda Jackson and Helen Mirren up for the same Whoverse role. Plus Bond ladies, Honor Blackman, Judi Dench, Diana Rigg and Pamela Salem. Well, producer John Nathan-Taylor had a female casting/dart) board, as well as one for guys.   As proved by his 18 choices for Jane Humpden in Doc5 Peter Davison’s four-parter in half (by simply axing the Daleks)… The others were Lynda Bellingham, James, Eleanor Bron, Pauline Collins, Diane Keen, Jean Marsh, Sheila Ruskin, Barbara Shelley, Sylvia Syms, Wanda Ventham (the mother of Benedict Cumberbatch), Fiona Walker, Penelope Wilton. First entered the Whoverse opposite Doc1 William Hartnell in the four-part #14: The Crusade, 1965 – during her 1955-1960 marriage to the future Doc3 Jon Pertwee. She was later Doc1’s short-lived travelling rug, Sara Kingdom, in the 12-part #21: The Daleks’ Master Plan, 1965-1966 – and was Morgaine in #152: Battlefield, 1989.
  3. Joan Sims, Doctor Who #143: The Trial of a Time Lord, TV, 1986.      When Joan Sims is competing with Sylvia Syms… not to mention Ingrid Pitt, Beryl Reid versus Honor Blackman, Billie Whitelaw… you realise a certain desperation has entered the casting process. Indeed, never had so many women – 20 – been flagpoled for one part… The other Katryca contenders were Linda Baron, Jill Bennett, Isla Blair, Brenda Bruce, Adrienne Corri, Sheila Hancock, Janet Henfrey, Rosemary Leach, Jean Marsh, Sian Phillips, Dinah Sheridan, Elizabeth Spriggs, Wanda Ventham, Fiona Walker. The winner of #143 was, inexplicably, Sims. She didn’t enjoy it one bit. So she did not… carry on.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3