Jimmy Fallon

  1. Chris Miller, Shrek, 2000. The toon’s Magic Mirror sent up all US TV game shows – a game show (later, an uninspired  talk show) host, Fallon, was invited to play, well, himself, really. Finally, one of the toon’s actual storyboarders delivered the goods. And threw in Gepetto’s voice, as well.

  2. Jason Schwartzman, Shopgirl, 2005.   Both Jason and Steve Martin desired Claire Danes in an adaptation of Martin’s novel about courtship, teen and middle- age… La vie, quoi?

  3. Dane Cook, Planes, 2012.   Cars takes to the skies… Jon Cryer quit early on and for some inexplicable reasons, the totally un-funny Fallon was next suggested for Dusty Crophopper’s voice. Then, Disney thought again. Wisely


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