Joan Chen

  1. Ariane, Year of the Dragon, 1984.   Director Michael Cimino first thought of Chen for Tracy, “She would have been amazing, too. In a different way. But Ariane just had something more American about her. And that’s what I wanted. She had to be equally Chinese and American, whereas Joan was clearly Chinese-born. But we could have made it work if we had to.” Ariane Koizumi disappeared after her sixth film, Robot in the Family, 1993.  Well, no wonder…

  2. Paul Reubens, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1992.  Re-born in Twin Peaks, The Last Emperor‘s wife was unavailable to be Amilyn, Rutger Hauer’s vampiric alter-ego.  She not been in the headlines either – for masturbating in a porno cinema like her successor, Pee Wee Herman’s alter-ego.

  3. Hiep Thi Le, Heaven and Earth, 1993.  “I  felt an affinity with your destiny,” Chen  told Le Ly Hayslip in the late 80s when trying to option her two-book autobiography of the Vietnam housewife in San Diego.  Four years on, Oliver Stone asked  her  to be the heroine’s mother.  “Even if he’d asked me to play the father, I’d have said Yes!”
  4. Naomi Watts, Tank Girl, 1995.     Rachel Tallalay’s idea of Jet Girl, Lori Petty’s tank instructor, among other accomplishments.


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