John Buckmaster

  1. Jay Robinson, The Robe, 1952.  .  Not many Brits from Frinton-on-Sea wind  up in Hollywood. And actress Gladys Cooper’s actor son (and Robert Morley’s brother-in-law) didn’t stay long. Caligula was supposed to be hisbig Hollywood break for the UK theatre star. The camera loved him but he couldn’t stand the camera at all. He was labelled unreliable and sent home. He was schizophrenic, and once invited his ex-lover Vivian Leigh to commit suicide with him; he later managed it alone. (his half-brother, actor John Merivale, was another of Vivian;s lovers). Apart from Checkmate, 1934, all his five screen credits were for TV. And so, enter: Robinson, making his debut.  With his remarkably cruel eyes, he also stole the sequel, Demetrtius and the Gladiators.  And adored cameras through 76 screen roles during 45 years.

 Birth year: 1915Death year: 1983Other name: Casting Calls:  1