John.C Reilly

  1. Luis Guzman, Punch-Drunk Love, 2001 .    One of director Paul Thomas Anderson’s regulars substituted another in a disastrous PTA movie.
  2. Zelijko Ivanek, Manderlay, 2004.     John quit director Lars Von Trier’s   Danish set in outrage over the killing of a donkey. Producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen insisted that the donkey was old and sick and the killing was humane. “We could probably kill six children for a film without anyone raising a fuss.”   Bowing to animal rights groups, Von Trier later cut the scene.
  3. David Koechner, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,  2003.     The first draft of the San Diego KVWN Channel 4 Newsman’s bio  suggested Reilly… but Koechner was the better improv guy as the sportscaster,  a chump called Champ. 
  4. John Malkovich, RED,  2009.  John 1  liked  what he read of the first 40 pages about the RED gang – Retired, Extremely Dangerous – but wondered why he was suggested for Frank. No, no, said his agent, Bruce Willis is Frank and you’re Marvin Bloggs now that John 2  had other roles to fry.
  5. Woody Harrelson,The Hunger Games, 2011
  6. Zach Braff, Oz: The Great and Powerful, 2012.      Braff winning a role once aimed at Reilly – oh really! John and Christoph Waltz (who later co-starred in Polanski’s Carnage) were in the Disney mix for Frank,  a nothing role in a nothing movie-  the assistant mistreated by his boss, James Franco, as the woefully miscast Oz. Unless you realise he’s really Dorothy.  Oh, why did Disney bother with such a non-starter?  (Film and star). 
  7. James Corden, Into The Woods, 2013.

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