Judy Matheson

  1. Angela Down, Take Three Girls, TV, 1969-1970. After her breakthrough  in the Spanish Las crueles (UK: The  Exquisite Cadaver) – when her  love scene with the 20 years older Carlos Estrada was shot two ways, clothed and not –  Judy was “first runner up” for the BBC series. Her following 30 credits include playing Mrs. David Lloyd George and… Vera Vomit. 
  2. Ania Marson, Nicholas and Alexandra, 1970.   The suitably regal Marson was among nine young Brits – Jane Asher (an ITV Juliet in 1962), Angela Down, the Montreal-born Lynda Bellingham, Judy Matheson, Mary Maude, Charlotte Rampling, plus two actors’ daughters,  Donald’s Angela Pleasence and  Dinah Sheridan’s Jenny Hanley   –  tested for the oldest child of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia: the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna. The entire royal family was assassinated in 1918.
  3. Glenys O’Brien, A Clockwork Orange, 1970.

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