Juliet Prowse

  1. Barrie Chase, Can-Can, 1960.   Never black Old Blue Eyes… Juliet was    engaged to Frank Sinatra. He didn’t want her to work, and proved it by ordering that the   film’s two   dancers   (set for Prowse   and Chase) become   one role.   End of romance!
  2. Joan Blackman, Blue Hawaii, 1961.   Elvis Presley and Prowse were so hot in GI Blues 1960,   they were being re-teamed – until she wanted to use a Fox make-up artist and have the studio pay to fly her secretary to Hawaii. Paramount said No. Presley, as per usual, said nothing. Joan was also easily slotted   into the next Elvis   item, Kid Galahad – where she met her husband, Joby Baker.
  3. Paula Prentiss, Man’s Favourite Sport?, 1962.  Or The Girl  Who Almost Got Away when Howard Hawks first created the piece for Cary Grant . But at 58, Grant was worried about romancing  a younger woman – Leslie Parrish (27, Daisy Mae in Li’l Abner, 1959);   Juliet  Prowse, 26 (Frank Sinatra’s fiance!); or Hawks’ eventual choice of Paula Prentiss, 24.:“Grant was fearful of looking like a dirty old man,: explained Peter  Bogdanovich.” That didn’t stop stop him calling Stanley Donen back after having first passed on Charade –  opposite Audrey Hepburn, aged… 32.
  4. Suzanne Pleshette,   Nevada Smith, 1966. As the Cajun woman aiding the hero’s revenge on his parents’ three killers   –   in a second film (based on the back story section) of Harold Robbins’ overblown novel, The Carpetbaggers.
  5. Ann-Margret, Il Tigre/The Tiger and the Pussycat, Italy, 1967.   She decides not to, well,   play Vittorio Gassman like a flute… Juliet had earlier made a better Italian   satire, Una moglie americana/The American Wife, 1965.


 Birth year: 1936Death year: 1996Other name: Casting Calls:  5