Junior Durkin

  1. Richard Cromwell, This Day and Age, 1933.   For his modestly billed “FIRST Great Spectacle of Modern Times,” director Cecil B DeMille felt Junior – the 1930 Huckleberry Finn – was too junior at 18 to be  Steve Smith in CB’s only gangster talkie.. Just as  Franchot Tone, at 27, was too senior. 
  2.  Eric Linden, Ah Wilderness! 1934.   The intended star, Will Rogers, passed and then died in a plane crash. Then, Durkin – duie to be Richard – was killed in a car smash that also injured his Tom Sawyerco-star Jackie Coogan, and killed his father Coogan Snr.  Elisha Cook Jr was asked to repeat his Broadway role – before it went to Linden.
  3. George Offerman, Jr,  Jalna, 1935.    The kid-turned-teen actor Durkin was on the verge from  moving up into more adult roles when he was killed in a car smash when returning from a Mexican hunting trip. His actor pal, Jackie Coogan, was the sole survivour  – they’d played Tom and Huck Finn in Tom Sawyer, 1930. (Coogan’s father was also killed in the crash). Acting since 2½, Junior was living with the notorious agent Henry Willson, who discovered  Rory Calhoun, Troy Donahue, Tab Hunter, Rock Hudson, Guy Madison… and Lana Turner.

 Birth year: 1915Death year: 1935Other name: Casting Calls:  3