Justine Lord

  1. Susan Hampshire, Paris au mois d’aôut, France, 1965.   I introduced  Susan to her first husband.  Sort of… In 1965, when  working  as the Londpn  correspondent  for the French movie magazine, Cinémonde, I was asked to recommend some British blondes for Paris au mois d’aout –  with Charles Aznavour falling for a lovely Brit visiting Paris in August, when the city is (almost) empty of French and packed with tourists.  I sent over some photos., adding one of Susan at the last second, although she was no favourite of mine. The rest is obvious. Naturally,  she beat Justine, Veronica Carlson, Julie Christie, Edina Ronay and  Carol White. Susan won the film! And the heart of realisateur Pierre Granier-Deferre.  (Well, she had learned French – or enough – in one week to play Patricia Seagrave). They married in 1967, had two children and divorced in 1974.  
  2. Molly Peters, Thunderball, 1965.

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