Keith Richards

  1. Warren Clarke,  A Clockwork Orange, 1970.   Mick Jagger bought the rights to the dystopian novel for $500 when author Anthony Burgess had a cash flow problem. Obviously, Mick planned on being Alex, with the other Stones as his droogs. Richards as Dim, for example.  And, naturally, Brian Jones, as the rival gang-leader, Billyboy. Nothing happened and Jagger sold the rights for a decent profit. Some suggested  that  he didn’t want playing Alex to ruin his chances of any  future knighthood… Stanley Kubrick delayed his version until finding the right leading thug. Once he saw Lindsey Anderson’ s Ifin 1968,  he told his wife: “We’ve found our Alex.”And if McDowell hadn’t been available, “I probably wouldn’t have made the film.”(Kubrick used the same Dutch sulptures and paintings featured by Brass in Dropout the year before).

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