Kieron Moore

  1. Mel Ferrer, Oh… Rosalinda!! 1955.     Moore  was promised the role once Bing Crosby preferred golf. Except it was judged vital to keep UK director Michael Powell and Ferrer close as they were next due to make Ondine with Mrs Mel, Audrey Hepburn. What befell that project is best summed up by Powell’s description of Ferrer as “that sneak, black-hearted traitor, seducer, phoney, that shot in the dark… that dancer who can’t dance, singer  who  can’t sing,  that actor who can’t act.”
  2. Stephen Boyd, The Man Who Never Was, 1955.       One Irishman replaced another as the German spy in a great (and true) WWII yarn. It was less important to Moore than it was for Boyd – his screen debut!
  3. Vincent Price, The Last Man on Earth, 1963.      Moore, Stanley Baker, Laurence Harvey, Paul Massie were the choices for Dr Robert Morgan in the previous decade when Hammer Films tried to produce the Richard Matheson book with director Fritz Lang. Matheson hated the result and Vinny. So did Charlton Heston when planning his take (The Omega Man, 1970), calling it incredibly botched, totally unfrightening, ill-acted, etc, etc.  Rather like the reviews of his version which had damn little to do with the novel.

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