Kim Hunter

  1. Ellen Drew, China Sky, 1944.      Hunter and Maureen O’Hara were early choices to fight (with Margo, Luise Rainer or Ruth Warrick) over Pearl Buck’s medical hero… Paul Henreid or Randolph Scott. Finally, Warrick and Scott made the melo.
  2. Dana Wynter, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1956.      Poor Kim, she had a tough time in movies. The top Brother, Jack Warner, had objected to Kim repeating her Stella in the Streetcar Named Desire film because of her “negative screen personality.” And her biggest success was the Planet of the Apes series when she was… masked.
  3. Kim Stanley, Frances,1982.    Howard Hawks  said  Frances Farmer  had “more talent than anyone I ever worked with.” All actresses loved her talent and guts and 23  wanted to headline her biop[c..   Just three  veterans  were in  the frame to be her dreadful mother, Lillian Farmer. Her parents wrongfully committed Frances to asylums.  When  she was released… she looked after them!  Back from a burn-out costing her key role in This Property Is Condemned, A Delicate Balance and Atlantic Ciity, Broadway’s Stanley  beat off challenges from Kim Hunter and (the unlikely idea of) Celeste Holm to play the dreadful mother of sad screen star Frances Farmer (1913-1970) in the finest film   produced by Mel Brooks.


 Birth year: 1922Death year: 2002Other name: Casting Calls:  3