Kyle Eastwood

  1. Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid, 1983.     Clint Eastwood  agreed to direct the Columbia movie  – just as long as his kid  was The Kid. Columbia passed. Like his sister, Allison, Kyle made the (standard) four films with Clint, before  switching to his Pop’s other vast interest: jazz.  By 2016, he had composed scores for nine screen works. For Clint. And others. The Kid had also been aimed at Nicolas  Cage, Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Jon Cryer, Robert Downey Jr, Kyle Eastwood, Anthony Edwards, Crispin Glover, Sean Penn,   Eric Stoltz, brothers Emilio Esteves and Charlie Sheen and the Initialers  Michael J Fox, C Thomas Howell,  D B Sweeney. At 22, looking 16, Macchio made  Daniel LaRusso (ex-Weber) his own in four  films and two video-games… and named his son Daniel.  The film was made  by Columbia Pictures, then owned by Coca Cola. Consequently, when Kyle was turned down, Clijnt banned Coke from the set of all his future  films..


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