Leif Erickson

  1. Gene Raymond,  Sadie McKee, 1933.   For the glib vaudevillian who brings Joan  Crawford to the Big Bad Apple and dumps her for Esther Ralston, director Clarence Brown also saw James Dunn, Arthur Jarrett, Donald Woods and Robert Young. Hollywood Reporter said: “Swell picture… sure-fire audience… the stuff the fans cry for…”
  2. Noah Beery, Jr, Corvette K-2251943. Or Corvettes in Action when director Howard Hawks’ early casting suggestions included Erickson for Stone, plus plus the cast of Arthur Lubin’s impressive Eagle Squadron, However, Robert Rossen made the WWII thriller – ironically stuffing the decks with various Hawksian cowpoke character players: Andy Devine, Fuzzy Knight, etc.   Either way, the Corvette was part of the Royal Canadian Navy’s fleet.  The sublime Frances Farmer wed  the “childlishly enthusiastic” singer turned actor, also contracted to Paramount, Wycliffe Anderson, then William Anderson, then Glenn Erickson and, finally, Leif Erickson. Paramount tried them together in  Die  A Crooked Mile, in 1938, aka  The Last Ride. And it was for them.

 Birth year: 1911Death year: 1986Other name: Casting Calls:  2