Letoya Luckett’Walker

  1. Kali Hawk, Couples Retreat, 2008.     Hawk, Keyshia Cole, Meagan Good, LeToya Luckett-Walker and Kelly Rowlanbd were up for Trudy among the four couples seeking answer to their troubles at an  idyllic retreat.  For example, Kali’s husband, Faizon Love, has flown the coop for a younger bird.  Bora Bora was great, Not the ”comedy.“  First feature film directing gig for ex-kid actor Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story, 1982, etc). He shouldn’t quit his day job.  
  2. Tammy Townsend, Preacher’s Kid, 2009 .    Invited to play Desiree, Luckette   then found herself tackling the lead of Angie, leaving home, hearth and church  and joining a travelling gospel choir.

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