Mara Corday

  1. Elaine Stewart Young Bess, 1952.     A November 1952 Hollywood Reporter news items revealed that Mara Corday was originally cast as Anne Boleyn . (“Ann” in the credits).   
  2. Colleen Miller, Playgirl, 1953.  Universal starlets Corday and ex-Miss USA, Myrna Hansen, both lost out-of-towner Phyllis to Miller in the B-thriller. Shelley Winters was the nightclub chanteuse teaching her about the harsh New York life, where Phyllis winds up as a play-for-pay party girl.
  3. Elaine Stewart, Night Passage, 1956.     “I was to do another Audie Murphy picture and overheard Richard telling my agent I would not do it. We had a big fight. ‘How dare you turn down my work’!”Elaine obviously had the better agent…
  4. Nina Shipman, The Oregon Trail, 1959.    “I was supposed to play the lead opposite Fred MacMurray… but Richard turned it down. Without my knowledge or consent!” She missed nothing according to New York Times critic Howard Thompson: “As wholesome as it is dull.”  Hence, a double bill release with  Five Gates To Hell, writer-directing debut of  by the future best-selling novelist James Clavell,  
  5. Jill St John, The Big Valley, TV,1966.    He also made sure she never won a guest shot in his Barbara Stanwyck series. “[Producer]  Jules Levy, told me:  “We’ll use you on the next show [episode # 22: Barbary Red] about a woman who runs a brothel on the waterfront.” So why was it  Jill shanghaiing the guys for sea-duty? “Richard told us he couldn’t work with you.” And who was this negative Richard Long?  Her husband! “An enigma, ” she told Mike Fitzgerald. “I divorced him ten  times the first year, getting a lawyer and everything… 13 times the second. I loved him and I am still in love with him – 22 years after his death.”

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