Margaux Hemingway

  1. Sandahl Bergman, She, 1985.   The zero-career of the so-so Margaux (later changed to Margot) had dissipated quickly after  Lipstickand  Over the Brooklyn Bridge  into  Killer Fish  etc ,  when she was nearly talked into being the new She, H Rider Haggard’s stunning heroine. Nothing – but nothing! – like the Ursula Andress version from Hammer, this trashy Italian  cocktail (all cock, no tale) involved post-apocalyptic mad monks,boxed knights (you heard), monsters, werewolve (more like whywolves) and did  I forget mummies with chainsaws. Bergman co-starred with Margaux  in Inner Sanctum II(so bad they made a second) in 1994. Both features must have helped lead to Margaux’s  (disputed) suicide – as hereditary  as the bipolar disorder which also led to the suicides of he great-grandfther, Ernest Hemingway, and his father, brother and sister.

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