Marilyn Chambers

1. – Suzanne Somers, Magnum Force, 1973. “They just wanted a sex-object!” Porno-chic was in and Dirty Harry sent for the Behind The Green Door revelation. “I’m not a total sex-object or a dumb blonde. I’m an actress who will participate in sex on-screen if it’s called for.” But hey – for something better than an anonymous Pool Girl, getting shot and floating around dead. Topless, of course. Clint’s nude, blonde bimbo was on a sexist par with his daughter, Allison Eastwood’s role in Friends and Lovers, 1998.

2. –  Carole Laure, Sweet Movie, Canada-France, 1974.    Chambers would have been less trouble than the Canadian girl for Yugoslav director Dusan Makavejev.  “I’m interested in  acting,” said Marilyn.  “I’m not a fad.  I’m going to be  here for awhile.”  She was still working in 2007.

3. – Lynn Redgrave, The Happy Hooker, 1975.     Announced by Huntingdon Hartford after she made the cover of his Show magazine. Made more sense  than  the pre-Weight Watchers Lynn, avoiding all nudity as the (real) titular tart,  Xaviera Hollander. Veteran director Nicholas Ray  said Marilyn  “will  eventually  be  able  to handle anything that the young Katie Hepburn or Bette Davis could.”  Maybe. But she was never asked to.

 Birth year: 1952Death year: 2009Other name: Casting Calls:  3