Martin Cummins

  1. Stan Kirsch, Highlander, TV, 1992-1998.     The Canadian Cummins and Welshman Adrian Holmes auditioned for Richie Ryan. Cummins later joined Poltergeist: The Legacy, TV, 1996-1999 – opposite Dutch star Derek De Lint, who was first choice for s the all new Duncan (not Connor) McLeod.
  2. Brendan Fraser, Crash, 2004.    First choice for DA Rick Cabot in the drama that even its auteur Paul Haggis agreed should never have won the Best Film Oscar – when it hadn’t even been nominated for a Golden Globe and the overwhelming favourite was the gay romance, Brokeback Mountain. The Academy was accused of homophobia, hardly true considering Philadelphia in 1994 and that so many Academicians were gay.

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