Melinda Clarke

  1. Neve Campbell, Scream, 1996.       In the heroine mix for Wes Craven’s quirky new horror franchise:   Clarke, Drew Barrymore (preferred to die early like Janet Leighin Psycho), Melissa Joan Hart, AJ Langer, Melanie Lynskey, Brittany Murphy, Molly Ringwald (“I’m too old!” – at 28), Tori Spelling, Reese Witherspoon (refused), Alicia Witt. Even a way too old Sharon Stone (38) tried to buy Kevin Williamson’s “hottest script of the year” – written in three days in the hope of a quick sale to save his car from being repossessed. Hell, with $500,000 he could get a new one!
  2. Rose McGowan, Scream, 1996.      Losing the lead, Clarke was quick to refuse Tatum Riley, which went to McGowan’s extremely erect nipples. She also had The Line in the the quirky horror film about horror film fans. “No, please don’t kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!” (She wasn’t!).  Rose once called it her happiest and most enjoyable filming experience. Despite being produced by Harvey Weinstein who, she alleged, raped her during the 1967 Sundance festival All part of the numerous sexual abuse allegations which deep-sixed Weinstein, his career and his company in 2017. 

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