Michael Cassidy

  1. Tom Welling, The Fog, 2004.     Before  TV’s young Superman became the fishing-boat skipper hero, the producers (one, Debra Hill dying before the film did) also saw:  David Boreanaz,  Henry Cavill, Matthew Davis, Peter Facinelli, Matthew Fox,  Adam Garcia,  Oliver Hudson, Ben McKenzie, Jesse Metcalfe.  Cassidy later joined TV’s Newport Beach.
  2. Brandon Routh, Superman Returns, 2005.

  3. Chris Evans, Captain America: The First Avenger, 2010.  
    The first screen version of the WWII propaganda comicbook hero – Defender of the Defenceless – since Republic’s 1944 serial (with Dick Purcell), two 1979  tele-quickies (Rep Brown) and the 1989 movie (Matt Salinger, son of the monumental JD, no less). A 1981 Universal plan for Jeff Bridges  never flew. Nor did Cannon’s 1984 take which UK director Michael Winner never got around to casting (well, not out loud). In 2010,the Argofind  had previously tested for Superman when McG was due to direct – and now for  Steve Rogers, the super-serumed alter-ego of America’s symbol of liberty (from WWII to Obama) and one of Marvel’s Avengers.  Cassidy was young but the nine-picture deal for Cap Am sequels, Avengers movies and cross-overs would have allowed him to age enough to pass for the patriarch of the Marvelverse.  Also seen: Jensen Ackles, Wilson Bethel, Dane Cook, Chace Crawford, Garrett Hedlund, Kellan Lutz, Ryan, McPartlin, Johnny Pacar, Ryan Phillippe, Scott Porter, Alexander Skarsgård, Will Smith, Sebastian Stan (chosen for Bucky Barnes), Channing Tatum (in last three), Mike Vogel, Sam Worthington.  Plus two of the Jonas brothers  band (Joe and Kevin), three of the TV-Marvelverse: Wilson Bethel (Daredevil), Chad Michael Murray (Agent Carter), Derek Theler (New Warriors).   And John Krasinski. “This is stupid,” he yelled during his costumed test, “I’m not Captain America!” And he wasn’t.  But he was Amazon’s TV’s surprise Jack Ryan  in 2018.

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