Michael Imperioli

  1. John Turturro, Clockers, 1994.    Universal didn’t agree with Spike Lee’s plan – Turturro as Rocco Klein and Imperioli for Larry Mazilla. Producer Martin Scorsese suggested Keitel for Rocco and so Turturro became Mazilla. Imperioli was compensated with the first of his many screen cops, Jo-Jo.
  2. Adrien Brody, Summer of Sam, 1998.    The Spike Lee regular, set for Richie, was too busy shooting HBO’s flagship, The Sopranos. He is, though, seen briefly as Midnight
  3. Sam Rockwell, Celebrity, 1997.   The excellent Rockwell joined Leonardo DiCaprio’s entourage when Imperioli begged off to join the pilot of a little something called The Sopranos – his breakthrough show during six illustrious HBO TV seasons across eight years, 1999-2007.
  4. Luke Wilson, Charlie’s Angels, 2000.   Drew Barrymore bought the movie rights and proved herself as star and producer.  Chasing, for example, the great Imperioli for Pete Komisky.  He had to pass, too busy beng Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos, 1999-2007. So Drew simply called up her 1997 Home Fries co-star.


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