Mimsy Farmer

  1.  Sue Lyon, The Night of the Iguana, 1963.  In the film’s preface we learn the cause of the Reverend Dr. T Lawrence Shannon’s nervous breakdown is havijng been defrocked and jettisoned from his Episcopal church after indulging in an  inappropriate relationship with a “very young” Sunday school teacher.  (It was a Tennessee Williams play!). Richard Burton was Shannon and the ex-Lolita, Sue Lyon, won Grace away from Mimsy Farmer – a delightful blonde TV  actress from Chicago, who did an Eastwood and saved her career by working in such European winners  as More, La route de Salina and
  2. Maria Schneider, Jeune fille libre de soir/The Baby Sitter, France-Italy, 1976. “I’ve a right to be mad under Article 4 of Italian Civil Law.” In mid-shoot, and  a welter of world headlines, Maria committed herself to a Rome psychiatric hospital, to reconcile with her lover, Joan (“Joey”) Townsend, placed there following a breakdown after a quarrel with Schneider.  “An act of mercy,” praised co-star Sydne Rome, “hurting herself to help another person.”  After 68 screen roles, Mimsmoved behind the camera, with her sculptor husband Francis Poirier, in the art department of such films as Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.


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