Monica Bellucci

  1. Teri Hatcher, Tomorrow Never Dies, 1996.
  2. Romaine Bohringer, La femme de chambre de Titanic, France, 1997.     Due aboard when the project loomed as a possible fifth teaming with her Paris lover and future husband Vincent Cassel..
  3. Peta Wilson, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 2002.     The Italian diva’s crowded schedule prevented her joining the extraordinary guys as Mina Harker. TV’s Nikita, 1997-2001, was her weak substitute. The film, alas, was weaker leading to Sean Caonney calling it quits and hanging up his toupees.   When she did work with James Bond, he was Daniel Craig and it was Spectre, 2014.
  4. Natascha McElhone, City of Ghosts,  2002.     Matt Dillon’s directing debut. with James Caan and Gérard Depardieu.
  5. Connie Nielsen, Ice Harvest, 2004.      Pregnant with her and Vincent Cassel’s daughter, Deva.
  6. Bridget Moynahan, Lord of War, France-US-Germany, 2005.  Schedules stopped La Bellucci being Ava opposite the titular Nicolas Cage as, more or less, the Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout, known as The Merchant of Death.
  7. Aomi Muyock, Love, France-Belgium, 2014.   Or Dangeras first suggested in 2001 when the mind-blowing Argentine-born Paris provocauteurGaspard Noé won an OK from the French cinema’s in-couple, Belucci and Vincent Cassel, to have real  sex on-screen in his second film.  However, once  Noé finished his script (Lovewas a mere seven pages), the in-couple was out – preferring not to display their sexual intimacy. Not to mention, the proposed threeway with a transexual! They made up for this by by going full-frontals in Noé‘s ultra tough replacement, Irreversible, 2001.  Thirteen years later, Muyok was Electra in Love. Noénever directed the hard-coresex sequences.  “Once you put the people in the right positions it’s OK. They know how to do it.”His next film was called Climax.  Of course, it was.
  8. Salma Hayek, House of Gucci, 2021. Ridley Scott’s Succession, Italian Style, had been on many shelves over the years. The tres belle Bellucci was once  favourite  for the naive psychic Pina Auriemma – finally portrayed by Salma. She knew the fashion house well.  Her French husband, Francois-Henri Pinault , heads the French multinational Kering company…  which has owned Gucci since 2021.



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