Nancy Davis

  1. Paula Raymond, Crisis, 1949.    Nancy was determined  to be Cary Grant’s wife in the thriller. And she had a good chance  as her lover Benjamin Thau, none other than MGM’s casting director.  He arranged a test with new auteur Richard Brooks.   Metro production chief Dore Schary called it: “The worst screentest in the history of Hollywood.” At the time, Nancy’s only real fame was being the God-daughter of  the silent lesbian star, Alla Nazimova… and being the finest (free) fellatrice in town. Working her way down – via Marlon Brando, producer Norman Krasna, Peter Lawford, Robert Stack, Spencer Tracy, Robert Walker – to her ultimate goal: Ronald Reagan. So she  becme  America’s First  Lady  when her Ronnie  was elected  the 40th U S   President during 1981-1989. (No, really!)

  2. Anne Baxter,   All About Eve, 1950.
  3. Celeste Holm, All About Eve, 1950.  

  4. Debbie Reynolds, Mother, 1997.     Albert Brooks, the wannabe West Coast Woody Allen, wanted a casting coup.   When his agent’s sister suggested meeting the ex-First Lady, producer Scott Rudin feared a headline-making stunt “and probably a bad movie.” Brooks read scenes with Nancy, who   had not filmed since Crash Landing, 1957.  “This is going to kill me for the rest of my life,” she said.   “But I can’t   do this.” She knew her place (and heart) was with her husband,, ex-President Ronald Reagan, stricken with Uncle Al – Alzheimer’s disease. He died in 2004. She bowed out with   the kind of   smile that Joan Didion once called “a study in frozen insincerity.”


 Birth year: 1921Death year: 2016Other name: Nancy ReaganCasting Calls:  4