Neil Morrissey

  1. Jason Connery, Robin of Sherwood, TV, 1986. Among the possibles to take over Sherwood Forest from  Michael Praed when he quit the final 13 episodes.  Morrissey later won his own series, Men Behaving Badly, 1992-1999.
  2. Chris Rea, Parting Shots, 1998.    Director Michael Winner’s final film – sure looked like it. Duff comedy of a guy dying of cancer knocking off people who have pissed him off. Ho! Ho! He was going to be Morrissey or Martin Clunes (TV’s Men Behaving Badly stars) unti Winner fell for rock singer-songwriter Rea. Said Empire magazine:“So bad in fact that if you tried to bury it in landfill the other rubbish would climb out.”   Owch!


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