Nino Manfredi

1. – Serge Reggiani, Tutti a casa (US: Everybody Go Home), Italy, 1960. Star power – Italian style!  Manfredi was supposed to be cast as Ceccarelli, but Alberto Sordi would have none of that!  “Sordid” (as Bette Davis called him)  had to be the only comic in the movie. Or no movie, capiche?

2. –  Eli Wallach, Le Cerveau, France, 1968. Least known of the top Italian comics, Manfredi replaced French  super-vedette  Jean-Paul Belmondo in the Italian caper movie, Operazione San Gennaro, 1966. But for Belmondo’s French caper, Manfredi had to bow out to necessary US casting.


 Birth year: 1921Death year: 2004Other name: Casting Calls:  0