Olinka Berova

  1. Sydne Rome, Some Girls Do, 1967.    Olga Schoberová was supposed to have been The Gal in Richard Johnson’s second outing as rugged sleuth Bulldog Drummond. Instead, Hammer claimed her – and re-named her – to succeed Ursula Andress in The Vengeance of She. And it was the well-named American in Italy – Rome! – who won the “introducing” credit.Drummond was, originally, a WWI Army officer bored with Civvy Street. By now he was a Korean war veteran and turned into a demi-Bond – the posters didn’t show him, just bikini babes. Two of which – Joanna Lumley, Virginia i North, were simultaneously shooting On Her Majesty’s Secret Service). Producer Betty E Box was trying to make up for her worst error. In the mid-60s, she confessed to me how she turned down a book called… Casino Royale..  Her hero, Johnson, had been Terence Young’s initial choice of 007 in Dr No, 1962. He would have been awful if he was as glum as  his Drummond.

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