Oliver Jackson-Cohen


  1. Benjamin Walker, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 2011.     Far less beautiful than Buffy, the oddest  vampire slayer of all was a  hot 3D project (he throws a mean axe!) and a great role – Honest Abe, the 16th US president, from 20  to 55, during in his other life. (His mother had been slain  by a vampire, you see). After also seeing Eric Bana, Adrien Brody, James D’Arcy, Tom Hardy, Rob Hubel, Josh Lucas, Timothy Olyphant, the Russian producer-director Timur Bekmambetov voted Walker.  Another producer was Tim Burton.   So where was Johnny Depp? 
  2. Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight, TV, 2022-   Daveed Diggs, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Nick Kroll, Shia LaBeouf, Ross Marquand, Pedro Pascal, Max Theriot, even ex-wrestler turned comicbook writer CM Punk were all in the mix for the Marvel Batman – except Mark Spector has super powers from  the Ancient Egyptian Moon God Khonsu, it says here.  Give me Bruce Wayne any day.

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