Olympe Bradna

  1. Paulette Goddard, North-West Mounted Police, 1939.   No, no, CB DeMille told Paulette Goddard (then Mrs Charlie Chaplin), you’re not right for an Indian half-breed.  And yet, somehow, he thought his daughter, Katherine Mrs Anthony Quinn, during 1937-1965) was perfect! . Plus German Marlene Dietrich, Hungarian Steffi Duna, British Vivien Leigh,  Russian Anna Sten (Stench to her foes) and the French Olympe Bradna and  Simone Simon! Goddard refused to give up.  Decked out in full costume, make-up and pidgin English, she stormed  into CB’s office on  the Paramount lot… and soon sashayed  away  with a script, a deal and a triumphant  grin!  Bradna was the daughter  of  French music hall artistes.  They named her after their favouritre Olympia Theatre in Paris which starred everyone  from Edith Piaf to The Beatles and is still thriving today.

 Birth year: 1920Death year: 2012Other name: Casting Calls:  1