Orson Bean

  1. Bob Cummings, My Living Doll, TV, 1964-1965.  Bean passed on USAF shrink Robert McvDoald. But then so did Cummings with five shows still to be shot. Obviously neither one approved of Juilie Newmar having top billing. Well, she had the titile role  – the the robot of AF 709, being trained by the doc to be human. And giving birth to the line: “That does not compute.” Clearly, Bean didn’t.

  2. Don Adams, Get Smart, TV, 1965-1970.    “Would you believe…?” Producer Daniel Melnick told wrtoters Mel Brooks and Buck Henry he wanted as a fusion of the #1 film franchises: 007 and Clouseau. And so Maxwell Smart was born, the dumbest spy until Johnny English. Orson Bean and Tony Randall were in the Wanted poster, but the scenarists preferred Tom Poston.  No, said NBC.  OK, said NBC – but it must be Don Adams. He signed a percentage deal and made a fortune.  Not as much as Jerry Seinfled, but then no one made as much as Jerry Seinfeld.

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