Paula Raymond

  1. Amanda Blake, Gunsmoke, TV, 1955-1974.     How to lose a 19-year gig… The ex-child star’s agent called with good news: CBS wanted her as Miss Kitty opposite James Arness.  No thank you… “I didn’t want to play a woman who worked in a saloon, week after week,” she told Mike Fitzgerald.   “As it turned out, the character wasn’t a trashy woman at all. She was just the type I would have liked to have played.” She guested on Bat Masterson, Have Gun, Maverick, Rawhide, but just the one Hugh O’Brien show.  “He wanted me to play with his ding-ding.  I never worked on a second Wyatt Earp.”

 Birth year: 1924Death year: 2003Other name: Casting Calls:  1