Pearl Hay

  1. Charlotte Henry, Alice in Wonderland, 1933. Mary Pickford had earlier planned  to  be Alice with animation items made in Disney! Now it was Paramount trying to save its sinking ship with as most of its contracted stars (Cary Grant as Mock Turtle!).   Didn’t work. Their costuming hid who they were! Apart from the nine Alice possibilities (from 7,000 hopefuls).   Marge Champion, 16; Betty Gable, 23;  Anne Shirley, 15; and two real kiddiwinks: Sue Kellog and the stunning six-year-old Marilyn Knowlden.  London   offered Paulette Goddard, 23; Ida Lupino, 15,  and Pearl  Hay, 12.  And the winner was Charlotte Henry, 19, from New York and eventually 31 other movies.

 Birth year: 1921Death year: 2013Other name: Casting Calls:  1